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How to Make Fantastic Grilled Pizza in Your Own Backyard

Nothing beats a piping hot pizza cooked on a wood-fire grill. Today I am going to show you how to easily make some of the best pizza you have ever had right in your own yard. The Basics Now how you set up your grill for pizza it is really going to depend on what […]

How to Cook Competition Ribs Like the Pros. (Timeline included)

To start, I have been cooking in KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society) sanctioned competitions for about 4 years now. The rib category has always been one of my team’s strongest. I personally think our success can be attributed to the fact that ribs are what my friends and I all started with when learning BBQ […]

The Good One Smokers-One of the Best Kept Secrets in Barbecue.

The Good One brand makes one of the best smokers I have ever cooked on, period. I am always surprised when speaking to someone who is really passionate about barbecue and they say, “Good One? What is that?” Then once i start to explain how they work I can see the person’s face light up […]

So what’s up with these pellet grills I keep hearing about? Ask and you shall receive!

While the idea of a pellet grill ¬†might be new to many of you, surprisingly they have been around for quite a while. ¬†The Traeger brand was the first in the pellet stove industry to use their product to cook food over a wood pellet fire and due to their patent they were the only […]

Spare Ribs vs Baby Back Ribs. The age-old debate revisited.

  For years I have been hearing people weigh in on which rib is better, Spares or Baby Backs. Once again it isn’t as complicated as some like to make it seem. Today we are going to dive briefly into the world of the pork ribs and hopefully we can set the record straight. First […]

Welcome to Backyard Cooking!

Well let me introduce myself….

How do you cook the perfect steak every time? I present to you….the reverse sear.

I think every meat-eater out there strives to find the holy grail….the perfect steak. The interesting thing about the perfect steak is that you never know when it is truly “the one” because the search always continues. I assure you that once you master the art of the reverse-sear you can be confident that every […]